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Location : 11th Ave and Lorne St.

Finding good parking downtown in Regina has always been difficult but today you could lease a centrally located parking space that will have your co-workers talking for years about how lucky you were to find parking so close to work.

Act immediately to secure your new parking space.

Two Monthly Parking Options

Option A:

  • Designated Parking Stall
  • Available 24/7
  • Electric
  • Cost $200 per month (Summer) and $245 per month (Winter)
    • Winter Months ( Nov - April )
    • Summer Months ( May - Oct )

Option B:

  • Designated Parking Stall
  • Available 24/7
  • Cost $200 per month ( Year Round )

We need to know which of the two options works best for you. Option A has limited stalls and is filling quickly and Option B makes great economical sense.

Enter your Full name and primary email address into the form below to begin the registeration process.

Monthly Parking Lease Registration Form

Only 5 Business Days Notice Required to Cancel Our Month to Month Lease.

RealTime Availability: (Electric: 9) ---- (Non-Electric: 24) ---- (Daily/Hourly: 0)

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